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Fire Starters From Old Candle Wax And Sawdust

September 25, 2010

With the ability to start a fire being a primary survival necessity, a fire starter is an important asset.

Source page: Lumberjocks


Wax (old candles work great)


Something to melt wax in (double-boiler method is best and safest)

Something to mold them in (paper cups, paper egg carton, cupcake cups)

Craft paper and string if you want to wrap them.

1) Here are the materials I used. Since my wife makes candles we’ve got plenty of wax around the house – I’m using a few melting tarts, an old jar candle and some various scraps. I also have a melting/pouring pot and some votive cup molds.

2) Next, it’s time to melt the wax. NOTE: Wax is flammable (duh…) so it’s best to use a double-boiler if possible. Otherwise use low heat and keep a close watch on the wax until it’s melted.

3) After the wax is fully melted it’s time to add the sawdust, mix enough in to make a heavy sludge. It should be pretty thick when mixed together.

NOTE: Pouring these can be very messy, it’s probably best to let the mixture cool down some and thicken. Then, when pouring, you can use a spoon or stick to make the process a little neater. I prefer to have a lot of sawdust and enough wax to bind everything together.

4) Now it’s time to mold the starters, simply pour or scoop them into whatever you’re molding into.

5) After a couple of hours these will set up, if you’ve used a metal mold you can pop them out now – if they stick a little you can put them in the fridge for a few minutes and they should come right out.

6) Now you can finish these if you want to. I like wrapping them in brown paper and tying the ends. You can stack these by the fire and they look nice.

7) When you’re ready to get a fire going just drop one of these below the wood pile. Light both ends and the center and it should burn for 15 minutes or more – plenty of time to get the fire going!

Be blessed!

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