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Emergency Candle Ideas

September 25, 2010

From: eHow

How to Make Muffin Pan Candles
By Cyndee Kromminga, eHow Contributor

Candles have risen in popularity over the past several years. They create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth, as well as being functional. Make your own batch of muffin-pan candles for simple votives, floating candles or for those emergency moments when the lights go out.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:

* Paraffin wax
* Crayons
* Candle wick
* Scissors
* Drill
* 1/8″ drill bit
* Double boiler
* Muffin pan
* Salad oil
* Fragrance oil
* Wood skewer

  1. Melt the paraffin wax over water in a double boiler.
  2. Unwrap crayons of the desired color and add to the paraffin wax.
  3. Rub salad oil into the muffin pan.
  4. When wax and crayons are liquid, add fragrance oil and stir with a wood skewer.
  5. Pour the candle wax into the muffin pan. Allow the muffin-pan candles to cool for about two hours.
  6. Remove the candles from the muffin pan. Drill a hole through the muffin-pan candles using a 1/8″ bit.
  7. Knot one end of the candle wick. Measure and cut the wick to fit through the depth of the candle, plus 1″.
  8. Thread the wick through the muffin-pan candle with the knot on the bottom.
  9. Turn over the muffin-pan candle and drip a small bit of wax over the knot to secure.


If one is in a real emergency situation, and no candles are around, you can actually use a crayon as a candle. Click here to see the video from survivaltek!

Be blessed!


Berkey Water Filters

September 25, 2010

Click here to go to the Berkey Water Filter homepage.

Berkey Water Filter Review From Gadget King

“When I first heard about Berkey Water Purifiers I wondered how such a simple looking filtration system can actually work, and to be honest I still don’t quite “get it”. The company that makes Berkey filters has been around for about 200 years. The filters are pretty famous in most parts of the world and work in some pretty nasty environments.

I got my hands on a Berkey Light water filter system and have put it through the paces. Read on for a review of the Berkey Light water filter system.

When I review a product one of the first things I like to do is build a list of questions… and then try to get the manufacturer on the phone. Sounds easy… but it usually isn’t easy to get a human on the phone these days. I can tell you this, Berkey doesn’t try and hide their phone number and when you call them they know their stuff.

I am not a big fan of plastics made of harmful chemicals like BPA, and was concerned about the Berkey Light Water Filter’s container. Long story short, the person at Berkey let me know that the shell of the Berkey Lite is 50-mil thick and is made of BPA-free copolyester. Dig further and you can find this info about copolyester, “New Eastman Tritan™ Copolyester is Ideal for reusable food and beverage containers, this new generation copolyester contains no bisphenol-A (BPA) and provides improved dishwasher durability.”

The first thing I did after assembling the unit was to run some food colored water through the filter to see what would happen, Berkey claims the filter will even remove the small food coloring particles. They were right… red water in the top compartment came out clear in the bottom compartment after filtering. Pretty cool.Black Berkey Filter

One of the items that I like is that the unit is very simple. It doesn’t need electricity, short life filters, water pressure, or a PHD to operate… it just works. The unit comes with two black Berkey filters, a top tank with cover, a bottom tank with spigot, and a base. It takes about 5 minutes to set up completely. The filter works off of good old fashioned gravity… you pour water in the top tank and wait for gravity to do its thing.

In terms of costs… the filters come in many different sizes and shapes and all are priced fairly. The other thing is the filters are so cheap to use. The filter elements are cleanable and last for thousands of gallons.

I ran some nasty San Jose tap water through the filter and was skeptical that the strong chemical taste would be removed by a gravity water filter Berkey Filterssystem. I couldn’t believe it… the water came out smooth and great tasting. I had to make sure that it wasn’t just my palate so I started torturing my friends. Long story short, I made several friends do blind taste tests of normal tap water, Berkey water, and a famous bottled water brand (sounds like sparrow bed). Not one person liked the tap water… it is pretty bad. Almost everyone else favored the Berkey with few exceptions.

I am sold… Berkey water filters work!”

Be Blessed!

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